Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Stuff That I Love

Veronica Lake(one of my favorites ladies of all time) glycerin champagne soap
Nosferau soap,glow in the dark dragon blood scent.i could not resist myself!

James Dean soap!! these are 5 dollars each,so great for gifts too.

Clara Bow champagne scent glycerin soap
for the soaps go to

Black Mary Janes,flats with cute kitten,they have with velcro or metal.

So cute sleepy mask,i use masks a lot cause i live in L.A and is always sunny in my apartment,this is 12 dollars,handmade,very soft and pink.

Handmade made in America awesomeness!

Also the soaps made from scratch and some funky great soaps with your favorite vintage movie star or movie on it,how swell is that?

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