Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh my God all these cute little things!

So sweet smelling and perfect tone of blue too! these are cheesecake blueberry votive candles set of two for 6 dollars.

These are coffee cinnamon set of two votive candles ,smells like grandma's kitchen!

I got these vanilla black rasberry tart melts,you wanna eat them but they are for smell just like candles,6 dollars each,they are pretty big.
I made the huge mistake to check today and the amount of new stuff insane,i mean these people are mad talented and it seems like they have way more variety of designer and lotfs of vintage stuff,more than last year last time i checked

I love it cause they all independent people,no corporation no brands,nothing,you order they made the stuff for you and send it,that easy!

My favorite etsy things are the soaps made from scratch,soy candles,the awesome necklaces painted by hand,little gloves and scarfs crochet,the so original coffee mugs,pet feeders and much much more.

I dont have a store there and im not trying to sell anything,just supporting these awesome people that found a way to make some money in this cruel retarted economy we live in right now,so say fuck Target and Gap and go check Etsy!!

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