Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fashion is Art !!! Respect It!

John Galliano and Eva Green
Theres a brand new dance but I dont know its name
That people from bad homes do again and again
Its big and its bland full of tension and fear
They do it over there but we dont do it here

Fashion! turn to the left
Fashion! turn to the right
Oooh, fashion!
We are the goon squad and were coming to town

Theres a brand new talk, but its not very clear
Oh bop
That people from good homes are talking this year
Oh bop, fashion
Its loud and tasteless and Ive heard it before.

Listen to me - dont listen to me
Talk to me - dont talk to me
Dance with me - dont dance with me, no

Fashion by David Bowie.

My Favorite Clothing Artists:
Alexander McQueen,Karl Lagerfeld,John Galliano.
McQueen,Dior,Chanel holy holy Trinity of Fashion.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Some Random But Real Things About Me

who was the last person you hugged? my baby boy,is more like a squeze

look to your left, what do you see? the balcony and a palm tree

where do you like to be the most? in a coffee house in Paris having a latte,a croissant and a smoke,but rarely happens

whats your fave film? Magnolia

what does the last person you commented on myspace mean to you? i am not on myspace,twitter ye,mypace nope,i can't stand all the glitter and the blink blink that slows my computer down,hate myspace,but last person i commented on Twitter i think it was Louise Black

what did you last laugh about? Morgan lastnight because he was laughing like crazy watching the Emmys,he likes Sarah Silverman because she kind of look like mommy.

where was your default took? on set in a dressing room

whats the first thing you look for in a girl/guy? i dont look and i don't believe in first things,lol

if your still in school, whats your fave lesson? i am not in school but when i was my favorite subjects were history and french.

what do you work as / want to work as? i am a full time mommy these days,eventually i will start working again ,hopefully modeling and make-up artist.

do you play video games? if so, which is your fave game? i HATE HATE video games,and no HATE is not a big word,ha.

what are you listening to right now? Amy Winehouse,song:Fuck me Pumps,actually listening to that whole album,love it!

who did you last have a sleepover with?dude i am 32!

i bet you miss someone, who?! my sister who lives in New York,every day i miss her!

why did you last get upset? don't know probably UPS or the pharmacist at CVS drugstore

who do you live with? baby Morgan,boyfriend and cat

who did you last shout at and why? again the pharmacist or the insurance worker that was giving me crap and being cheap,but is not going to roll with me.

. are you normally a happy person? yes i am normally happy and sometimes abnormally angry,but happy.

whats your fave food? cheesecake,fried chicken,bread and butter and nutella.

do you remember how you were 3 years ago? i rather not,i was pretty sick and high all the time.

if so, does it make you cringe? yep exactly.

if you could be with someone right now, who would it be? my sister in Brooklyn.

whats your fave thing in your room? my baby!!!!! and my huge coffee mug!

if you had one wish for a dream outfit, what would you wish for? Chanel black dress!lace and tulle and a white bow.

are your lips chapped? always because i bite them ,that's why i always wear lipstick,so i won't bite that much.
any last words? where is my october issue of Vogue??????

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Favorite Movies Ever!

Bram Stoker's Dracula 1992,Francis Ford Coppola

Dracula and Mina,turning her tears into diamonds ahhh

Magnolia yeah i lost counthow many times i watched it

Magnolia 1999 Paul Thomas Anderson


The Black Dahlia 2006 Brian De Palma.

Moulin Rouge!!!! 2001 Bazz Luhrmann

The ladies of the Moulin Rouge.

Chicago!! 2002 Rob Marshall

The Best Female Role of All Times Scarlett Gone With The Wind
1939 Victor Fleming

Gone With The Wind ,i love this movie more than i can say.

Marie Antoinette 2006 Sofia Coppola

Interview With The Vampire ,1994 Neil Jordan.

How much i love Mickey Rourke in this movie ahhhh Angel fucking Heart!
1987 Alan Parker

Angel Heart

Lost In Translation ,2003 Sofia Coppola

Midnight Cowboy (i cry every damn time)
1969 John Schlensinger

Body Double,1984 Brian De Palma

Sunset Bvd 1950 Billy Wilder

Mulholland Drive ,2001 David Lynch

"I don't know who i am " Mulholland Dive,love this movie LOVE!

The Piano ,1993 Jane Campion

The Wizard Of Oz ,1939 Victor Fleming

Surrender Dorothy Surrender The Wizard Of Oz

Seven ,1995 David Fincher

The Breakfast Club ,1985 John Hughes
I seriously lost count,20 times maybe,jeeezz.

Taxi Driver ,1976 Martin Scorsese

The Shining ,1980 Stanley Kubrick
I can't even read the book by myself,scary beyond scary.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind ,2004 Michel Gondry