Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Mood I'm In Today

It is through art, and through art only, that we can realize our perfection.
Oscar Wilde

Victorian Collage,pretty hu?

In this world
we walk on the roof of hell,
gazing at flowers.

No idea who painted this,i wanna know,let me know if you have a clue,is so gorgeous circa 1900-1910,but can't find the name anywhere
My favorite painter Gustave Klimt
Is just Death,deal with it,i died once on September 2007,and it was ok.true history.

A wet redhead,always a good thing

Just looking at those flowers made my day
girl dying her self and her dress pink,i think this is amazing
i do not have a read head fetish,i just like red things ok!

and pink ,pink,the colour of love!

Somebody please make a dress like this one for me!

Today i am posting alot of pictures of women under water or in fetus position or wet,don't know why,a lot of pink and red,a lot of flowing dresses and bright flowers,blooming,today i am obsess with blooming and femenine images.

I wish it was me in this picture!,look at this black and white perfection,those shoes,that room divider,her long curly hair,so amazing.

Hippies like to stare in the water and sit on rocks.

I feel very purple,lilacmpink and lavender today.

Pink bear is not happy.
More water and flowing dresses and flowers.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Etsy Picks This Weekend!

Candid shot of me in the tub,no damn privacy man!!

OK here is my Etsy list of the weekend:

soaps and yummy smelly things links:

Hats,hair clips,veils,hair pieces links:
Liaison store

Jewelery,cuffs, chockers,dresses, couture, vintage clothing links:

This lady has one of the best soap stores on etsy,so many fragances to choose from,and you can get them also in vintage tin cans,perfect for gifts,my favorites are:
rose petals goat milk,white tea and ginger,blooming violets,blackberry sage goat milk and honey almond.There are made with goat milk but contains no harmful preservatives,alcohol or petroleum.And they are good prices too,5 oz bar for less than five dollars!

Wendy Lous soaps,gift set,scrubs,body mist.
This Eclettica necklace makes me think of the brides of Dracula in the Bram Stoker's Dracula movie,i just adore this combination of pinks,purples,golden yellows,is just perfect

Eclettica on Etsy

Eclettica,drooling over all that purple,lilac goodness,this is probably my favorite piece.
Red Heart 13,pearls,hearts,religious icons,i liked this line and it reminded me of my grandma Teressa which is a very good thing.

Red Heart 13

Misfit Chic:

Misfit Chic ,chokers,brooch,neck ruffs!

Boring Sidney,gorgeous flapper era hats,1940's hats,head pieces.

Boring Sidney
Liaison,i never seeing anything like this head pieces before,so many wonderful things,a true artist,go take a look:
Liaison ,oh my God,cuffs convertibles chockers,mucha headpieces,clips,veils.

Raven Eve:
(i am kind of in love with this cuff right now,pretty much is all my favorite colours and tones in one awesome piece,add it to my wish list!
Raven eve Jewels,Cuffs,Chockers,Brooch,Tiaras.

Sheela Goh

this Sheela Goh pink and black dress,yes please ,is the yuminess !! says my name all over! drooling now.

Petal Mix

Savor awesome yummy soaps!

Savor Soaps,body butter,body mist,gift set,men,women and baby
vanilla bean,apricot,olive oil,shea butter,coconut,chocolate soap.

In a Lather soaps:this set of 6 yummy soap bars is great,they have so many scents and textures to choose from,i like the jasmine green tea,blackberry basil,vanilla sandalwood,thai coconut.

Inalather Soaps

Dennis Anderson Soaps,Lip Balms,Lotion,Solid Perfumes.

my picks for Anderson soap:cran-orange blueberry seeds exfoliating soap and exfoliating poppy seeds and blackcherry soap,and rosemary spearmint hemp soap.