Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Awesome Sites for Lingerie,Vintage,Jewels,Clothing and Handmade Goodness.

Maybe the best store for designer vintage finds out there,from Chanel,Givenchy,McQueen,everything you can imagine,dresses,wedding gowns,accesories,couture pieces from the 1900 to 1980's
,and you can search for designer or era.
I am saving money for Christmas,this is on my wishlist,go take a look,
i bet you will be drooling in no time

Link to ShrimptonCouture

Vintage Glittery!!! ,this site features Louise Black,Sheela Goh,Courtney Love,Liaisonetsy,RavenEve,is pretty awesome and a great idea to put together a store/site with the finest of Etsy vendors,there is stuff for everybody,go take a look and register too,free!

VintageGlitteriLink ,the best place to get girdles,garter belts,open bottom girdles, corselettes,panty girdles.They have every colour you can imagine,will dye the fabric for you sometimes depend the item for some extra money,i personally think is the best price and quality wise store for vintage inspired lingerie out there,they also have cuban foot back seam stockings and gloves.
I got a few things two years ago,this purple all in one girdle,got in in purple/lilac and also in black.
also have the bright red girdle with zipper(which i absolutely adore) goes really well with the bullet bras from
GirdleBound is the best store out there and they have extra extra larga sizes and every tone and color possible,rare to find?bet they have it.

GirdleBound Link

Cameo Intimates Link

Secrets in Lace:I got stockings here,the Dita Von Teese collection ones,they are pricey but they do last,i also got the black panties you see in the picture above and the pink and black open bottom girdle,really good quality stuff and they also have petticoats and gloves,so yummy.

Dressing Vintage,oh my God,they have some collectors treasures in there,go look!

Link to

Lovechild Boudoir

Link to Lovechild Boudoir site

Posh girl Vintage

link to Posh Girl Vintage