Saturday, June 20, 2009

Drag Queen Singer By Night,Priest By Day

First of all:i love this guy!,God love all of us and we all precious in his eyes,you can be a jew,budhist ,muslim or a christian but if you are really an spiritual person you will understand what i am saying,Father Anthony makes me proud to call myself a Catholic today.

In celebration of Gay Pride Month, Big Mama Capretta reveals the surprise truth about her identity. By day, Capretta is none other than Father Anthony (aka Vincent Capretta), a proud practicing Catholic priest from Columbus, Ohio. By night, Big Mama Capretta is one heck of a fun drag queen performing for her minions!

Not only does Big Mama Capretta have a hit song on the Billboard club dance chart, she also recently auditioned for 'America's Got Talent' for this summer's competition.
The buoyant kitschy track, produced by international dance music producer Rod Carrillo, is making crowds go wild with infatuation.
Capretta's unforgettable 'Big Mama's House' single has a complete bump and grind remix package with the likes of Chris Shannon, DJ Kilo, Peter Brown, Tim Schommer, The Perry Twins and Rod Carrillo.
“It’s Big Mama, y’all! And I am no longer afraid to come out of the closet as a gay Catholic priest!…”I am enjoying my life being who I am and who God intended me to be! Now let’s dance, y’all!”
This news totally made my day,sometimes is really difficult to be a Catholic but people like these make me proud,i think is way more healthy for him to be living his fantasies as a drag queen in some night club in Cleveland than be molesting our children cause he repress himself,so go Father Anthony!!

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