Monday, June 22, 2009



sometimes i just need:to stop talking and think,think think!
sometimes i want:to be left alone
sometimes i like to:yell at people when i drive on Sunset
sometimes all it takes:is to put some make-up on
sometimes i picture:myself like a character in the movie Valley of The Dolls
sometimes i wish:i was more calm
sometimes i find:young people in L.A to be so damn rude,(this made me sound so old i know)but they are rude,sometimes.
sometimes i take:too much Vicodin
sometimes i look:like a racoon in the morning
sometimes i hate:sushi,people who tell me how healthy sushi is,i wont eat it,get it!
sometimes it’s nice:to steal little creamers from 711
sometimes it hurts:when people ignore me
sometimes it makes me happy:to snugle with my cat in bed,even if i get hair all over
sometimes it’s sad:to see an old man crying
sometimes i listen:to other's people conversation in the hallway
sometimes i sleep:with my eye half open,cause i really never fully sleep you know
sometimes i like to watch:people putting on make-up on youtube
sometimes i feel:like a have fire in my brain
sometimes i rant:me rant?? nooooooooo lol
sometimes i never:never is the most stupid word,makes no sense
sometimes i really:will like to say whatever i want to certain people

When I’m ..

sad, i want:to be left alone
happy, i need:not to be left alone
mad, i wish:i had a shotgun for a leg like Cherry Darling in Grindhouse
overjoyed, i find:that being overjoyed makes me pretty
indifferent, i like to:pretend i am invisible
content, i never:make promises that i can't keep just cause i feel content
frustrated, all it takes:is to hug my baby boy and smell his head and face.
there you have it..

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