Monday, June 29, 2009

First Thing In Three Words!

First Thing, Three words

1. Feeling right now? feeling peachy keen
2. School: made me puke
3. MTV: Michael is dead
4. Weather outside : too fucking sunny
5. Housework: everything but cooking
6. Cell phone charger: a piece of crap
7. Shoes: girls best friend
8. Grades:screw that shitnizzle
9. Water:so good sometimes
10. Britney Spears: i want her
11. Rodeo Clowns: no fucking way
12. Coffee: nectar of life
13. Schedule for tommorow: no fucking idea
14. Abercrombie:douchebags clothing store
15. Sports: waste of time
16. Traffic:i dont mind
17. Socks:make me happy
18. MP3 player:like socks better
19. California:full of shit
20. Pop-up ads:block that shit!
21. Dinner last night:stir fry chicken
22. George Bush: a dumb ass
23. Drama:i love some
24. Newspapers:are too big
25. Loudmouths: me right here
26. Best friends: are my family
27. Aggravating:my best friends
28. Cereal: cinnamon toast crunch
29. Gangsta Rap:so fucking boring
30. This survey:suck a fuck

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