Saturday, August 22, 2009

Moments,Candids Saturday Honesty Day.

free from prejudice, or malice,fair, marked by honest sincere expression indication or suggesting sincere honesty and absence of deception or disguise.
frank,outspoken,open and sincere.

Elizabeth Taylor washing her dog.

Mia Kirshner ,so fucking hot!
Courtney Love Goddess
My favorite picture of James Dean
Lindsay Lohan,yeah she is pretty awesome don't be hating

God,i mean Coco Chanel

Gorgeous model just perfect moment
Italian immigrants coming to America,i adore this picture,
Demi Moore looking cheap,just how i like it,lol,by Ellen Von Unwerth

David Bowie and Elizabeth Taylor having a smoke,in the 70's

the only pictures of Madonna i like are usually these type of candid shots and from back in the day when she was just a struggling artist in new york,this shot is from 1980 she is at Basquiat's loft in the Village,i find this beautiful
Michael Jackson back in more peaceful times.

Alisson Harvard ,artist,model,painter,Goddess.
Elvis,even southern boys need make-up.

Dita Von Teese

vintage picture of girl trying to her on her bike and flashing that poor boy her stockings

Awesome photographer chick in Central Park

Kate Moss,by Hedi Slimane
Marylin Monroe when she was just Norma Jean.
Again Madonna,i know! but this picture of her and Sean Penn in the grass is so beautiful,looks and feels like West Side History,and the next one is candid shot of Madonna in 1985 right before her wedding with Penn.
just thinking of these two hanging out makes me happy,Liz Taylor and James Dean between shots,she is napping,he is reading ,so great.

Gypsy Lee Rose working her magic for the soldiers.

Love this shot of Marlene Dietrich gossiping and smoking with her friend,think about the dirt they were probably digging,oh boy.
Liz Taylor,again,i do have a fetish with her,in her trailer feeding a studio cat.
This is so 70's,is missing a big plate with lines of cocaine and Burt Reynolds in the background.

Madonna at Danceteria Club,1981,look she smokes and drinks booze! she is human!
Marilyn entertaining the troups.

Couple happy to be reunited,Paris during World War II

Marilyn in the steam room.

Nicole Kidman,i love this shot,so fragile,those curls,makes me wonder what she is thinking.
Liz taylor with her baby and two kids.

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  1. Beautiful Pics! I also love the candid shots-What does James Dean have to his face in your favorite picture? I love him so much, he was ahead of his time, that's for sure!