Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Etsy Favorites,well part one

Mata Hari Cuff by Louise Black

Oh my goodness Louise Black,she is talented this broad i am telling you! some of these items are sold but i post them so you all can see how great her work is,my pick is the necklace with the flapper doll and the doll parts,so friking cute,and the Mata Hari cuff with the crystal elephant,and is something i can afford too
Please visit her store and website and support this lady!

Louise Black on Etsy

Louise Black store

link for TimelessVixenVintage on Etsy
This is a 1910 wedding dress,crazy rare find and is just wonderful,i don't like white dresses but this mix lace and sheer almost cream ivory and peach colour is just great

link to timelessvixen on etsy
This Dress is Timeless Vixen Vintage ,i usually don't like green but this was just too good,vintage 1920's dress with bolero in green and ivory details.

This is Opulent Oddities work,a lot of good stuff but these 3 pieces really catch my eye
,go visit her store for more,every item is made with so much love,you are going to be amaze!
link to Opulent Oddities on Etsy

Opulent Oddities on Etsy

This is Sisters Rose and Ruby store,so many thing to pick from,a lot stuff that is on my budget,some i will have to save a bit,lol
Really they can turn a dress or a shirt into something wonderful,they have dresses,cuffs,boleros capeletes which are my current obsession ,jewels,skirts and more,very well made stuff and so romantic,they are great here is the link:
Rose and Ruby store on Etsy

Eclettica goodness!!

This is for a Queen!! someday i will buy one of these,so much work and detail and every stone you can imagine ,she is pretty great!

Vintage circa 1904 perfume bottle,please i want it!!

this is Beautiful Reign Store on Etsy

My picks:1920's black beaded applique.

Gorgeous 1920's powder puff with wand,rosette lace,so special!,
there is different kinds and tones at her store,but this is my favorite!

Beautiful Reign store

You won't believe this store,these earrings are so precious ,and not expensive at all,
romantic Victorian ceramic details,flowers,everything that is good in life!
These two are my picks the Sisters in a Russian Rose earrings and the
Lily's Garden of Roses

visit Ginger Lily store on Etsy

This is Satanica,my favorite cuff right now!

These are my picks:velvet,lace and feathers ivory cuff and
this awesome vintage peacock cameo necklace.
satanica etsy store

This is Satanica stuff,this head piece with the chrystal moon in on my wishlist,
i am so in love with her stuff,The Noir Collection is superb and they also sell cuffs
,peacock headpiece,veils,a dream come true.
link to Satanica on Etsy

Liaison store on Etsy!!

Liaison store on Etsy

This is just supreme!,this black flower head piece is my pick ,
so much good stuff,cuffs,head pieces,pins,bridal veils,barettes,so so good.

The Hand Of Fatima Store

oh my God she is great,this is The Hand of Fatima art,her Baronial Glamour Collection is my dream come true,they are prices for every budget,i need that Fleur De Lis bracelet pronto to add to my FDL collection ,insane talent,here is the link for her
Hand of Fatima on Etsy

Soapy goodness!

So these are great for your skin and the earth people! I got these 2 kinds before,i will get more for Christmas gift,they are not expensive and so well made,4 pounds of goodness ,these 2 that i got are Puppy seeds and Lavender Chamomile and Black Currant ,Macadamia Nut,Olive Oil,really good for you.

linkto gypsycrafters soap on etsy

OK this a 5 pound gigantic genius soap,now where is my Tyler Durden at?

link to dirtasssoaps on etsy

They are not food! they are soaps! these people are amazing Dirty Ass Soaps on Etsy
They can make a soap shaped like bacon an eggs! amazing and all handmade and vegan!

link to Portobello store
this is called the Dahlia headpiece,need to have it!!

Oh my God,so much cuteness and lots of these stuff
is under a hundred bucks too!
These were my picks.

link to etsy store

etsy store maryandangelika

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